Safe Gambling In Online Sports Betting Sites

  Monday, December 21, 2009

Although gambling online has become more popular, there are still a number sports betting enthusiasts that are afraid to take the plunge online. It would seem that the issues on security and the ignorance about how online betting works are the major stumbling blocks for people who still don't want to play online. However, once people overcome these two hurdles, they realize the convenience, safety and reliability of cyber betting. If you are a newbie to online betting, casinos and other related activities, you might want to follow these tips to ensure that your experience will be fun and safe right the first time.

One of the first things that you should do is check the website you want to use in online gambling. Check if the website has the appropriate security verifications, encryptions and other measures that will protect both the site and the players. A good online betting operator would know that website security is important for business, so it would surely put in place the most effective security features. It is also a good idea to surf the Internet and see some reviews and feedbacks provided by other players about the website you want to use. Join legitimate forums on sports betting and you will surely find out more about what betting stations are trustworthy and those that are not. Also, if you have friends who are into playing cards, betting on sports and participating in such online activities, you can always ask for their suggestions or recommendations.

It is also a good idea to be prudent when joining or participating in an online betting station for the very first time. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of the site before you start to gamble or bet. It would also be advisable to manage your betting money. Putting everything on the table within the first few bets you make at online gambling sites may not be a good idea, especially if you do not yet have any experience with the website.

In order to keep track of your betting activities online, it is also advisable to use one credit card for all your bets online. In fact, you should also not use such credit card for purposes other than online gambling, especially if you have only been playing or placing bets on an online sportsbooking site for only a few months. Using one card is also a good way to track your betting habits

Profit from sports betting blogs

  Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's face it, not all sports betting blogs are created equally, but there are indeed plenty of very informative betting blogs out there that will help you profit in the long run. If you are interested in gambling then you should realize that you need to be very well educated in order to do well in the industry. The simple fact of the matter is that the sports books are designed to make money, and if you aren't on top of every aspect of betting you will lose money. I find it is a good idea to think of betting blogs as a source of much needed information that can help you beat the books.

How can you tell if sports betting blog is one that is a keeper or one you'll want to avoid in the future? The single biggest way to tell is by the amount of educational information or the lack of it they have on their site. If the blog is simply trying to sell a product of theirs, it is unlikely you will be able to get much out of the blog. Some betting blogs do indeed contain information such as historical data, team trends, umpire/referee information that is all very helpful when wagering your money.

Betting blogs shouldn't always be all about picks, even though solid picks can be a big perk. The kind of help that you should look for from these kind of sites is information which allows you to understand the industry more thoroughly yourself. The goal is not to simply become dependent on picks from a certain person or service, but to have their picks and reasoning help you be a superior bettor. Sports betting blogs are indeed well worth your time; just make sure you find the right kind of blog!

Betting Services Online, Are they Helpful?

  Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As a man who loves betting on different sports at some places near our town, I found sports betting online like a strong gravity that pushing me close to it. I never got the chances to try it until one of my friends introduced it to me. It was so lame because it took so long since I have discovered it.

At first, I found it as a cool and easiest way to bet in an instant. I was really fascinated in this kind of simple-method-betting-online. But as I took more time on betting back, I saw that it was not as easy as counting numbers 1 up to 10 just to bet on horses you thought that was good enough to win those games base on the horse’s looks and built. I was really disappointed especially at times that I ended up losing big amount of money on my account.

Because of the countless number of lose games and money, I then found myself challenged looking for some strategies and techniques to regain what I have lost. Giving up is not my thing. As long as I still have money, the game is still on and the camera will roll and play on that field.

On my way for searching, I encountered different websites ahead of me. Some of them were not reliable and worthless, just a waste of time to be exact. But luckily, I found some sites that were really resourceful and helpful. A site that can provide me different powerful strategies that will not just leave me crying over the money I lose for stake. It introduced me to numerous techniques that really lead me to win on many betting games I committed.

They gave me suggestions to regulate my money at stake by introducing me the systematic and disciplined approach to bet online. Plus the fact that advices and winning tips are came from most successful and professional betting services that has already established their self for providing best betting value and guaranteed results on horse back racing for many years. They also relay different types of betting systems that will assist you to know what system are the most feasible for generating more profit depending on the race condition and participating horses. What more good about this service, they kept sending daily tips and latest information that made clients come up with intelligent decisions and avoided them to fall for bad betting method. Money back guaranteed is also served for the unsatisfied clients.

Legal Sports Betting

  Friday, October 2, 2009

Four states had legal sports betting on their books in 1992 when the federal government banned states from the bookmaking business, and grandfathered in existing legal sports gambling in Nevada, Montana, Oregon, and Delaware.

Of those states, Nevada has a thriving sports book business while the other three had various forms of lottery games that involved sports. In May, Delaware attempted to join Nevada and get a piece of the estimated $400 billion that is wagered annually, legally and illegally, on professional and college sports. That attempt was thwarted in August when a federal appeals court in Philadelphia ruled that sports betting in the First State would violate the 1992 federal ban.

The crux of the appeals court ruling was that Delaware's 1976 failed sports lottery did not constitute enough of a precedent to allow the grandfather clause of the 1992 law to apply. So, at least for now, legal sports betting in the United States will not grow outside Nevada sports books and various forms of horse and dog racing.

The implications of widespread sports gambling for the African American community are worth discussing. Though the Super Bowl is the most wagered sports event with $10 billion estimated to change hands, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is thought to be second, with an estimated $6 to $7 billion wagered legally and illegally.

While Super Bowl players are in many cases millionaires earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for their playoff runs, NCAA Men's Basketball players are unsalaried, often without family money, and in some eyes ripe for the taking by gamblers. About three out of four are African American. Are college basketball players in particular apt to be influenced by gamblers, and are college athletes in general at greater risk due to the fact that the payoff for playing college sports is vastly different than the payoff a pro athlete receives from his sport?

Mitch, 52, a regular visitor to Las Vegas sports books during March Madness who played guard for U.C. Irvine's basketball team in the 1970s, doesn't think so. "I personally believe it is very difficult for an individual in a team sport to execute a point shaving scam. While it is possible, I do not think the risk warrants future regulation of legal sports betting."

The facts would seem to bear Mitch out. While there have been intermittent gambling scandals, particularly in college basketball, since about 1950, there has been no increase in known point shaving scandals even as the money wagered has grown exponentially in the last decade.

The last dustup occurred in the early 1990s and involved North Carolina State player Charles Shackleford, who is African American. ABC News reported that during the 1987-88 season as many as four N.C. State players, including forward Shackleford, conspired to hold down the scores of four games in return for cash payments from a New Jersey contractor. According to the report, one of the games was March 6, 1988, against Wake Forest. N.C. State defeated Wake Forest by four points, after being favored by 16. According to Shackleford's lawyer and agent, Sal DiFazio, Shackleford never shaved points, although he admitted taking $65,000 from two men. Shackelford said the money was a loan.

The notoriety did not affect Shackleford's pro prospects. He played six NBA seasons with the Nets, 76ers, Timberwolves and Hornets; plus several seasons in Europe. Would an NBA team employ a non-star if the team believed it could not trust him to play honestly?

Jeff, an executive recruiter in Southern California, has played fantasy football and baseball for years and is fluent in the language of point spreads. His point of view is pragmatic and optimistic. "Admittedly, legalization of gambling will make it much more accessible, but the solution does not lie in controlling access. The specter of expanded gambling is an ideal example of one of our greatest challenges (and opportunities) as a society - we need to emphasize the importance of ethical behavior in all aspects of our lives and our activities, and we need to be able to look to our sporting heroes as the example to follow."

The bottom line: gambling is a fact of life in American society and sports whether legal or illegal. Unpaid, less wealthy, often African American; athletes, in college may be at greater risk, but with a vast majority of games on television, they are also watched more closely than ever. Legal sports gambling is merely a vehicle for states to get a cut during difficult financial times. The risk of players shaving points or throwing games is no greater or less, regardless of whether the action is taxed or part of a black market economy.

The Three Rules of Making Money on any Sports Betting System

  Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you want to make money while enjoying yourself, then look no further than sports betting. And the fact is that you can make money on sports betting system to be exact. So the big question now is that what kind of sports betting system should you use? Well, there are lots of systems out there now, what with the growing number of people who bet on different sports through the internet. So what should you choose and stick to and what should you avoid like the plague? Well, here is a rundown of some of the most important facts you need as a sports bettor.

First, you should not be lured into giving a huge amount of money by anyone, no matter how convincing they may sound. In this day and age, the internet is the number one scammer so it should be easier for you to resist temptation when you are looking for a sports system that you will use. No matter how convincing a specific sports system may be, you should do a bit of research first and look for proof. You should really be wary since betting accounts – which are used as proof by many sites – can actually be faked.

Next thing that you should check out when you want to commit yourself to a specific system is the money back guarantee. If it is a bit unclear, then you might want to email the person or company behind it. If you don’t receive an email, take that as a sign – of bad luck, that is. Don’t use that system. If they can’t clarify or tell you exactly how you can get your money back if you are left unsatisfied, then chances are you’ll end up losing most of your money anyway.

Last thing that you should take note of when you want to make money on sports betting system is to be patient. Sometimes, even the most fool proof of systems can take time.

Sport betting strategy insiders' view

  Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you're researching on sport betting strategy, this article should be worthwhile reading. Do you have any idea about the major problems that sports bettors face ( that at last lead towards distressing losses ) ? Here's a truth you'll find hard to digest.

The smartest sport betting strategy is not about passing time for researching matchups, or picking up the most promising contender, or choosing a winning team.

These are some tips you can consider

You must do this while ensuring that these do not meddle with any of your routine expenses. Do not even think about financing sport gambling sessions with the rent money! This is the most vital part of a sport betting strategy.

By design, sport gambling and funds dedicated towards it has got to be regarded as entertainment only. Your primary bankroll might be as low as $20 and as high as $10,000 it counts a little . But a rational move would be to start with a tiny amount until you get the whole idea of it.

You have to be clever while picking your sportsbook and / or web based offshore sportsbook for placing the wagers. Picking such a service to deal with, might be quite overwhelming! Are you aware that there're countless con sites? Unfortunately , there are also sites that barely appreciate winners.

It is a bit exasperating that, there are less sites that help you enter and make successive simple profits. These sites attempt to be fair with fast payment processing positively free!

whatever how reputed a site is, you have to check whether it offers first rate services, solid security, and reasonably fast payouts. You can also spot sites that offer free sports picks and matchup stats. Some provide smart gambling tips, along with comparisons of gambling chances / lines at no cost.

And for standing on a solid sport betting strategy, you've got to have a killer action plan. When you've got the bankroll planned, its time you chose a selected kind of sport ( or could be 'sports' ) to work on.

It could profit you if you avoid bet parlays, multi bets, and / or similar 'gimmick' plays.

And here is the final tip. Unfortunately, this is the hardest one. You should not wager anything outside your bankroll's twenty p.c.

Most folks fail to stick to this recommendation. As you're risking simply a fragment of p.c.

for example, you get full idea and confidence about the degree of your ability. This allows you to play better on next day, when you see that your selection isn't right. This makes sure that you're often risking more as you win. At the same time you're risking less as you lose.

The No Lose Way to Sports Bet

  Monday, August 3, 2009

If you have placed an online sports bet before you will probably know that most bookmakers offer new customers a free bet. This will typically vary between £20 and £100 (or an equivalent in your currency) depending upon which bookie you are looking at. There are so many bookmakers on the market these days that there are literally thousands in free bets to be taken advantage of.

The only problem with these 'free bets' that betting companies advertise is that you have to risk your own money first to qualify for them. You might lose your own money, and then lose with the free bet and at the end of the day - who wants to lose?!! This is where the handy little Odds Matching tool comes in.

Odds matcher will find bets for you in a split-second that can be placed on a football team winning and not winning. You back the team to win with a particular bookie and then use a betting exchange (such as Betfair) to bet that they won't win. This way every outcome of the football match is covered and thanks to the software, no matter what happens you will get your entire stake back.

As a result of you placing a bet with the bookie (they don't know that you have manipulated them!) you will receive another one to the same value as the first. With this free say £25 bet, you could go on to place a small accumulator and win hundreds! This process can be repeated with every bookmaker on the market, enabling you to receive hundreds in free bets!

Odds matching - how to do it

1. Type Odds matcher into Google and it will find sites that offer the service. Click on the site that looks the most appealing to you.

2. Once you are on the Odds matcher site, click on the drop down menu and choose the bookie you want the free bet with.

3. Odds Matcher will produce a list of bets you can choose to place a wager on. Those nearest to the top will provide you with the closest match in odds. When the match is 100%, this means that no matter what the outcome of a football match, you will always receive 100% of your stake back.

4. Once you have chosen the bet, click on the "Go" button under "calculate my risk free bet".

5. The software will now tell you how much you have to back the team with at the bookie's site, and how much you need to lay the team with at the exchange.

6. Simply follow the instructions in the box that has been generated and you will be entitled to a free bet with no chance of losing whatsoever.

So there you go - check out the software and have a goat matching odds It really is simple to do and if you use it to sign up to all the available bookies, you will have made yourself hundreds in free bets and who know how much you might win with them!

When sports betting blogs go badly wrong

  Monday, July 27, 2009

One of the most entertaining things in the world of sports gambling, at least for me, is watching people use sports blogs to bet on their games. There are people out there who don't know what they are doing, but they crave the action. When this is the case, they will trust almost anyone who is willing to give them a little bit of advice. All too often, these people end up following blogs that have no chance of helping them. This is what happens when sports betting blogs can wrong.

Sports betting blogs and the home team bias
Have you ever seen one of those sports betting blogs and just known right away that the person writing the blog is incredibly biased towards his hometown team. You know the type of guy that I'm talking about. He tries to seem as if he is fair and balanced, but he picks his team almost every time. He might even make comments like, "I never pick my own team to win," when you know that this just is not true. More times than not, these homers have good intentions, but they can lead you astray if you follow their sports betting blogs. The better option here is to listen to the information that they have and take it for what it is.

Sports betting blogs that run into traps
There are some people who put out sports betting blogs who probably know a lot about sports, but they have no business talking about sports gambling. It's like me trying to write about the medical field, when really I have nothing to add there. More times than not, these are the people who don't get the fact that the sportsbooks are trying to trick you. They see the "obvious" game and tout it as something like a lock, when we all know that such a term is almost always associated with the loser of the year.

Winning Secrets to Sports Betting

  Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When it comes to sports betting, there is a golden rule: know about the teams that you are betting on. There obviously is no fool proof formula for being a profitable sports bettor, but there are some winning secrets that can put you over the edge. One way to understand the teams that you are betting on is through informative sports blogs. At LegendZ Sports (, sports bettors can find the winning secretes they are looking for. Clearly, the site isn't going to provide users with 10-team parlay winners, but they will provide users with knowledge, which is arguably the difference between a winning bettor and a losing bettor.

The first, and most important, winning secret is simply visiting the site and reading the content. The content allows the reader a glimpse into the trends that occurring for any given sport at any given time. That is, a bettor is probably not going to win by closing their eyes and choosing a team. Furthermore, a bettor isn't going to win by betting their heart. One winning secret is to separate your allegiances and the teams that you bet on. By informing yourself and visiting LegendZ, sports bettors will be able to gain insightful knowledge about the teams they plan to bet on.

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, but there are winning secrets to sports betting. It's not easy to be a winner, but it is easy to be a loser. Unless you are actively searching for an edge, you will never be able to take advantage of the winning secrets offered at LegendZ sports. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be a winning bettor, but it does take some dedication and a quest for the right kind of information. So make sure that you utilize the winning secrets offered, and most importantly, have fun.

Success With Sports Betting

  Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you looking for a way to become successful with sports betting online? Do you need a strategy that will nearly guarantee you make some serious money? There are many online sports betting guides that will give you strategies to win bets and cover your loses. However, there are only some that will actually help you. Here is a breakdown of what is available.

You can get a free gambling guide and lose all your money, but this is not what you are after. The reason this will happen is because the free guides are not all that great. They are usually put out by the bookie sites and used to get you to gamble. They make money when you lose so they do not want you to win too many bets. They just want you to win enough to actually continue gambling.

You could spend a little money on a guide and get one for about $50, but this is not a great option either. If you just want the basic idea this might be okay, but most of these guides are out dated and not all that great. You need to avoid these guides or at least make sure they have a guarantee so you can get your money back when you realize that it does not work all that well.

The best guides you can get are going to run you over $100 and will have a statistical approach to them. This is how you achieve success with sports betting. You will get a strategy that will have you winning nearly all your bets and the best part it the creator will be using the guide as well. This is a huge benefit because it gives you proof that the system works and continues to work.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Betting Guide Online!

  Saturday, January 3, 2009

There has been a lot of different gambling systems come out since the emergence of the internet. The problem is that most of the systems are either way outdated, contain methods that just don't work, or they are just garbage. You want to make sure you get a system that is going to help you make a good amount of money and win more bets. Here is how to find the top sports betting guides online.

First, you need to recognize that top sports betting guides have absolutely nothing in common with those that are not worth your money. This makes it easier to spot the good guides and this is a very good thing for you. When you are done with this article you will have no problem picking out a guide that will help you win most of your bets.

Second, you need a guide with a guarantee. This should be a money back guarantee of at least 30 days so that you have time to try the system out before you are invested in it fully. All the top sports betting guides will have a guarantee of some sort, but you will always have to pay for the system up front. If you don't like it just ask for a return within the guaranteed amount of days and you will have no worries.

Last, the best systems always have an owner or creator that is actually using them as well. It only makes sense that if the person that created the system is making money from it, then you can too. Plus if you think about it they would be a fool to not be using their own system and telling you how they are doing so that you are motivated to not only buy the system, but use it and see success as well.