When sports betting blogs go badly wrong

  Monday, July 27, 2009

One of the most entertaining things in the world of sports gambling, at least for me, is watching people use sports blogs to bet on their games. There are people out there who don't know what they are doing, but they crave the action. When this is the case, they will trust almost anyone who is willing to give them a little bit of advice. All too often, these people end up following blogs that have no chance of helping them. This is what happens when sports betting blogs can wrong.

Sports betting blogs and the home team bias
Have you ever seen one of those sports betting blogs and just known right away that the person writing the blog is incredibly biased towards his hometown team. You know the type of guy that I'm talking about. He tries to seem as if he is fair and balanced, but he picks his team almost every time. He might even make comments like, "I never pick my own team to win," when you know that this just is not true. More times than not, these homers have good intentions, but they can lead you astray if you follow their sports betting blogs. The better option here is to listen to the information that they have and take it for what it is.

Sports betting blogs that run into traps
There are some people who put out sports betting blogs who probably know a lot about sports, but they have no business talking about sports gambling. It's like me trying to write about the medical field, when really I have nothing to add there. More times than not, these are the people who don't get the fact that the sportsbooks are trying to trick you. They see the "obvious" game and tout it as something like a lock, when we all know that such a term is almost always associated with the loser of the year.