Sports Betting Strategies To Increase Your Odds Of Beating The Game Constantly

  Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sports betting strategies to increase your odds of beating the game constantly do exist. You may be surprised to hear that a small percentage of punters do regularly win, due to the vast amount of information that is available online. So what sports betting strategies do constantly generate a profit? Which systems should you follow and of course which system should be avoided?

There are many gambling type games that you simply can't beat in the long term. Games such as roulette have a built in house edge so you have no positive expectation (-ev). Most if not all casino type games apart from poker should be avoided.

Many suggest that the most profitable sports betting strategies include either betting or trading on horse racing or football games. Betting exchanges in effect let anybody either back or lay a selection. Using betting exchanges you are simply taking or receiving bets from people like yourself, unlike an online bookmaker where the odds are shorter. Many make money on betting exchanges by simply betting then laying (or vice-versa) selection as the odds fluctuate. This is of course similar to trading on the stock market where you buy shares hoping to make a profit with the shares gaining value at a later date.

Betting exchanges give you the option of placing bets whilst games or races are in progress. This gives the punter the chance to bank profit before the end of the race or game. For example if you laid the draw before a football game started then bet the draw after a goal was scored you would be able to bank a small profit.