Winning Handicapping Tips to Help You Develop a Successful Sports Betting System

  Thursday, September 23, 2010

The secret of successful sports betting is handicapping. Handicapping is essentially being able to choose which team will win in a particular game, and it is at the heart of any successful sports betting system. To become a successful handicapper, you have to be on top of everything about the different teams playing in a particular sport that you're focusing on. In short, it involves a lot of research and a lot of work. But doing the work increases the chances that you will make winning bets consistently. And, anyway, if you're passionate about a particular player or team, you're probably already reading everything you can find about them. Here are some tips for developing your handicapping skills.

1. Be familiar with all the factors that could affect the performance of a team and ultimately, the outcome of a game. For example, you might think that news that a team's star player is having an affair with a notorious starlet would not factor into their performance. But if he allows this affair to distract him and affect his playing, it could result in the rest of the team also playing below par and them losing or at least, not winning by as many points as you would expect. Find out as much as you can about the teams you're betting on.

2. Watch as many games as you can, and not just those on which you have a bet. Gathering information is one thing. But you can also gauge a lot about a team by watching how they perform on the field. You may also start to notice how particular players or combinations affect the overall performance of the team, which may give you an idea of how to predict the outcome of future matches.

3. Study handicapping tips online. These guys are professionals and it's their job to look at all the variables, follow the news and then make their predictions. Pick two handicappers that you trust, look at their predictions and then compare them with the actual outcome of the game. You can even try matching your wits against them to see how your predictions compared with theirs.

How Mma Betting Lines Work

  Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you know one of the key strategies to winning your sports bets? Read on to find out how it can greatly increases your chances of winning when you apply this strategy.

They say that chance favors the prepared mind and this is particularly true in the case of sports betting. In fact, one of the basic betting tips is that you should always do your homework. But what does it mean to do your homework? It basically means doing your research before placing your bets.

First, you have to know how betting with sports books works. It's not as easy as simply placing a bet on a team that you think will win. You have to familiarize yourself with the concepts of spreads and money lines. You also have to know how odds work so you can use them to make winning bets.

Then, you have to familiarize yourself with particular teams and leagues that you're interested in before you place bets on them. Learn everything you can about them from the Internet and other sources. Remember that there are a multitude of variables that can affect the outcome of the game, anything from the personalities of the players, referees and managers to factors such as a team's financial problems and rumors of player transfers. Never bet on a team you never heard of or vaguely know just because the bookie put tempting odds on it.

In fact, one of the better betting tips that experts offer is for you to specialize in a smaller or more obscure league since it gives you the opportunity to beat the house as you will likely know more than the operators, who understandably will focus more on the major leagues and teams.

The Simplest Way To Benefit From Sports

  Monday, September 13, 2010

Sport has become part and parcel of our life. Many of us are engaged in sports such as badminton, soccer or basketball. All the sports are exciting to watch and fans are always passionately supporting their own favorite teams. On the other hand, there is a group of people who receives more than just entertainment benefit but also monetary benefits.

I am not referring to the sportsmen but the local sports books as well as the sports punters. The local sports book maker is usually governed by the government and requires huge capital and complicated calculating systems to establish the odds. Lots of manpower and planning is needed to be a sports book. Yet, many people are eagered to venture into it as it promises lucrative benefits.

On the other hand, there is another group of people trying their means and ways to ‘beat' the sports books. These people are the sports bettors that place wagers on the games with the sports book makers. Their aim is to win their bets and hope for consistent winning and in the long run even become a millionaire.

So which is actually an easier way to earn cash from sports? Be a player, a sports books maker or a bettor?

The answer lies with your destiny. If you are a talented sports player, then strive to be the number one in their sports field. Unfortunately not many of us are naturally good at sports. Then, apply for license to be sports book maker if you have the essential resources. But if you are working and have just some spare time, try out sports betting instead. It is the simplest way for you to earn extra income if you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Achieving Real Results

  Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Always telling your friends this? "I knew it, told you that they would win the match. I am right again." If this is what you always tell your friends, then you have an eye for picking out the winning teams. Why not make good use of the ability and make some money for yourself. Sports betting has been around for a long time and there are more and more avenues for people to place bets. It is fun and tough at the same time, but definitely achievable if you put in effort.

For new beginners, you may want to learn more about the different types of bets and betting system available. There is a lot of information on the internet but not all information is valuable to you. Be sure to sieve out the useful tips and pick them up.

Even if you have been betting on sports games for some time, are you winning constantly? Do you have a systematic plan for your betting process?
If you have all these, then I am sure, you are already doing quite well and just need some fine tuning to your systems to improve further. If not, the problem might lie with your mindset. Having a good financial blueprint for yourself is also an essential tool for being successful in sports betting.

Lastly, most importantly is to gamble responsibility. Like a true master bettor, he knows when to stop even when he is winning. Betting is not your whole life but then you need to treat it seriously in order to achieve results.

Gambling Is Not A Sin

  Monday, September 6, 2010

Gambling has always been thought to be one the deadly sins to be involved in for a person. However, I beg to differ, it is only a sin when you lose your control and let it take over your life completely. So be sure to follow a plan and discipline yourself. Actually, you should have a plan in mind for whatever you do. Same goes to betting on football games. Even if you are winning lots of money, do you know what to do with them?

Football is one of the most exciting sports that captivated fans and punters. Many fans turned football bettors are able to enjoy the game and earn money at the same time. They know what they want and did not allow the gambling to take over them. However, you need to take it to a higher level if you are treating sports betting as a career. It is no longer a pastime but a serious job.

Like a stock broker, he uses his customer funds and invested in stocks that he analyzed to be beneficial to his clients. You are now investing your own time and money to make a living out of football betting. Therefore, you need to learn advanced skills to maximize your profits and also earn constantly. This is very different from pure gambling in which you merely try to predict the winning teams. You need the necessary tools and reports to help you achieve your aim.

Do your homework and follow a plan, seek help from the experts and then you can start your own sports betting career successfully.

A Master Bettor Best Kept Secrets

  Thursday, September 2, 2010

There are many ways to make your money grow. Buying stocks, investing in real estates, putting them in bonds or making a calculated gamble are just some of the ways. All these methods contain a certain level of risk. However, when there is higher risk, there is chance for higher profit. Betting on sports is similar.

There are an increasing number of people that are profiting by betting on sports. Successful players treat sports betting like that they treat buying stocks. It is more than simple gambling. They study the odds and predict the line movement in order to bet at the right time to make maximum profit. Yet, there is an interesting secret about master bettors that is kept unknown to the general public. One of their best kept secrets is that they know when to stop betting.

Besides knowing when to place bets to make maximum profits; experts are much disciplined in strictly following their master plan for betting. They know how to control losses and not to be overwhelmed by their emotions. They set a goal to win how much in a day and in a week and in a year! Once they reach the target, they would stop to enjoy their winning. They do not try to recover losses or try to bang on the winning streaks. There is no guarantee that you are going to win the next bets.

So learn from these masters and learn to control your emotions and practice responsible betting. All the best to you!

A Simple Sports Betting System That Wins


Most people lose at sports betting for one reason. They overcomplicate things and get in their own way. I suspect that is partially the result of scammers who claim to win 90% of the time or more. There is the implication that a secret exists, and many sports bettors who spend a lifetime searching for it only lose in a more complicated way.

Winning bettors know that simplicity is the key to winning. Building a simple sports betting system that wins is a matter of identifying one situation that will win at 55% or more. Anytime you see that situation, bet it. Over the course of most seasons it will profit.

But you don't need to stop at one. There is no money to be made. Instead, why not find another situation. Then another. Then why not make a chart out of them. Group them together in lots of three or four and have a special bankroll for betting only those situations.

If you bet four different edges from the same bankroll, or system, even if one or two do not perform to potential, the others will more than offset the losses and leave you in a profit.

You don't need to chase losers with progressive betting schemes or waste time with complicated handicapping systems that are no better than a coin flip.

The formula for success is simple. Find an edge and bet it every time it is available for betting. If you want to win big money, you will need more edges. But they are out there to find if you look.