A Simple Sports Betting System That Wins

  Thursday, September 2, 2010

Most people lose at sports betting for one reason. They overcomplicate things and get in their own way. I suspect that is partially the result of scammers who claim to win 90% of the time or more. There is the implication that a secret exists, and many sports bettors who spend a lifetime searching for it only lose in a more complicated way.

Winning bettors know that simplicity is the key to winning. Building a simple sports betting system that wins is a matter of identifying one situation that will win at 55% or more. Anytime you see that situation, bet it. Over the course of most seasons it will profit.

But you don't need to stop at one. There is no money to be made. Instead, why not find another situation. Then another. Then why not make a chart out of them. Group them together in lots of three or four and have a special bankroll for betting only those situations.

If you bet four different edges from the same bankroll, or system, even if one or two do not perform to potential, the others will more than offset the losses and leave you in a profit.

You don't need to chase losers with progressive betting schemes or waste time with complicated handicapping systems that are no better than a coin flip.

The formula for success is simple. Find an edge and bet it every time it is available for betting. If you want to win big money, you will need more edges. But they are out there to find if you look.