Knowing Everything About The Sport

  Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, which of them do you ‘invest' your money in? I do not mean having a stake with the team but actually placing a small amount of money into the game through sports betting. Of course, the most logical answer is to choose the sport that you are most familiar with. Definitely if you understand the ins and outs of the game, it would help you increase your chances of winning but not exactly will help you win money.

The reason is that you already know too much about the game. For example if the match involved your favorite team, don't even think about placing bets, instead just enjoy the game. Your emotional heart will override your brain and affect your ability to analyze the match.

In addition, if you know the game well, you tend to be over confident about yourself and in the process of selecting the right teams to wager on, you lose out some details and cost you dearly. Now, your cup is already full, any others will not be able to fill your cup. Relearn about the game and analyzing from a bookmakers perspective to help you win your bets.

If not, move to college leagues or semi-pro tournament when the teams are virtually unknown and place your bets. This allows you to understand the teams from a punter point of view rather than from a fan's.

So, in conclusion, knowing everything about the sport may not be that advantageous for you. It is the ability to put everything in perspective when analyzing the bet that is more important.