Betting for Basketball

  Friday, August 12, 2011

Basketball being one of the four major games is famous for basketball betting. Basketball betting is done, similarly as that of football betting or hockey beting, on teams and over or under number of points. The handicap imposed on one team by the sportebooks becomes the basis of basketball betting on point spread to equalize betting terms. The point spread is used to decide wining team as favorite and losing team as underdog on the basis of expectations. The points are exchanged by the winning team to losing team for the purpose of basketball betting.

For instance, in basketball betting if bettors prefer to bet on Celtics as winning team if it is playing with Knicks and if the point spread for Celtics is favorite with 10 points then Celtics will have to succeed by 11 points to let the bettors win the bet. On the other hand who played a basketball betting in favor of Knicks, they will win or lose the bet if Knicks win or loose the by nine or less points. But if Celtics wins with 10 points then basketball betting comes to be a tie or a push and no money transfer will be executed.