The Controversy of Sports Betting in Society

  Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Those who really like sport will be familiar with the term sports betting. That is the term in which people can predict the scores or who will be the winner in a certain game. For those who actually like such as football or basketball, they will be easier to predict who the winner is. It is because they have already known about the strength and the weaknesses of the teams. This betting system generally is more popular in football game than other sports. Both legal and illegal allow you to bet the winners.  Actually, this betting is more popular when there is world championship such as world cup or other similar competition. Moreover, this betting system includes in gambling activity. However, in reality, this activity causes controversy in society. Actually, it is very usual when there will be pro and cons in society toward this betting system.

Those who disagree with this betting system is because there is tendency to do gambling. Furthermore, not all countries allow their society to be gambler. For example in Indonesia, the government releases policy about NFL gambling. In short, that policy explains about the prohibition of doing gambling. In fact, this situation gives fresh opportunity toward some businessmen. This phemonenon causes some businessmen try to launch online sport betting. That is why, there will be many websites which offer betting service.  Those websites will accommodate people who want to enjoy the game and also want to bet the score professionally. However, those who want to join in one of the websites must be careful in choosing it. It is important to prevent trickery from that website. This situation will be more popular when there is a big competition such as world cup.

On the other side, those who agree with this betting will use it as the place for earning money. If they are lucky, they will get big profit from this betting. In contrast, if they are losing, it means that they will get nothing. Although they are lose, people still want to join it in the next chance. It can be called that people have already addicted because of this betting. In fact, those who want to join in this sport betting must think twice. Why? It is because they will play with big money. If they can’t think it well, they will lose much money. Besides, they will spend their time and energy just for waiting the final score. However, whatever the controversy, actually it depends on the individual itself whether they want to join it or not.