The Profit Potential in Modern Online Poker

  Friday, January 6, 2012

Many people ask me as an industry pro how much profit potential there is with regards to making money in the modern online poker environment. I think that rather depends on several key factors that are very difficult to quantify. Clearly how good you are and your own skill level have a big impact on how much money you can make. Also the amount of work that you put into game and opponent selection is another key factor here. However there is one big obstacle now to someone being able to make a serious six figure sum in online poker. This is that your opponents are far more sophisticated and as a result of that will watch you far more closely.

The knock on effect of having players scrutinise your every move cannot and must not be underestimated. They use tracking software like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager on poker sites like and you are really placed under the microscope. But there is a second problem as well and it is to do with the sheer plethora of training sites and coaching software that is now of the very highest calibre. In fact some poker rooms give out free coaching and so even being a very good player is no longer a guarantee of good profits these days.

The best players in the world are playing far lower levels than what you think for three clear reasons. Firstly it lowers the variance because playing ten tables at $2-$4 puts a similar amount of money into play than one table of $25-$50 but without the huge variance involved. You would need a downswing of more than 12 buy-ins at $2-$4 to make up for one buy in at $25-$50. So my advice for anyone looking to make online poker a career coming from someone who has actually done it is to really scale down your hopes and aspirations in two key areas.

Firstly this is in how large your edge will be over your opposition and also how much money you expect to make from the game. Your opponents will be far stronger than what you think and your profits will be far lower than what you imagine…….it’s a tough old world out there these days in online poker.